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Allie looks after numero uno, you.

Have you ever lost track of an important email? Do you spend too much doing admin work, and composing follow ups? Do you ever request documents only to have to chase down the sender? Allie takes over all of the admin work and follow ups so you can focus on the stuff that really matters.

Allie is a suite of AI driven tools which decreases the effort required to track and close opportunities. Allie puts best practices to work in the fields of sales, outreach, project management to increase outcomes and proactively moves things forward. Allie is fully customizable, and supports you and your organization. All you have to do is sign up and connect your inbox to get started.

Built for Organizations

Allie is there for your organization. Whether it's making sure people are followed up with, or just making sure an important emails don't get missed. Allie plays a critical role in all business email transactions. With quick reminder of whats going on, and what was accomplished daily, Allie takes care of the small stuff so you can focus on the big things. Managers can set access permissions, giving employees access to all correspondences from your organization. You can look up via organization or via individuals sender and see a timeline of all converations with that sender.

What does Allie do?

To use Allie, all you have to do is sign up , and then connect an email account . Once you sync your email with Allie, the magic starts. Allie will start keeping track of these emails via the dashboard . There Allie will inform which emails you missed, and you can edit preferences, set customization, and set automations.

The paid versions allow you to access organizational features and give you access to additional AI tooling. Paid version also includes additional analytics, and automation tools.

Workflow Management

Allie provides you access to powerful AI driven workflows. Once an email is added to a workflow, Allie will send reminders if they don't respond with a certain amount of time. Need documents from someone? Create a workflow and specify which documents and Allie will make sure you get these documents. This means you never have to worry about following up, or reminding anyone ever again.

Project Management

Allie proactively checks in on progress of leads to make sure things don't slip through the cracks. Allie uses AI to read the content of your emails, and prioritizes important emails. Allie will also remind you to respond to email which you need to.

AI Trained

Allie has been trained based on contemporary best practices in sales, marketing, and management. Allie isn't just an automation tool, it is a full serve


Allie provides deep insight into what, why, and how. Sankey graphs and analytics provide you with the tools to succeed.

Allie in Action

Changing the way business get done

Allie has the power to transform your personal or business life. With Allie everything becomes easier, just start cc'ing her and watch the magic happen. If you are interested in integrating your entire emails with Allie, you can sign up for the paid plan. Remember for the important emails, cc

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