Unleashing the power of emails

Transform the way you do business by leveraging AI driven automation and analytics from your inbox.

What Does Allie Do?

Allie enables you to do more with less though being your personal email assistant. Allie takes care of all of the following up and admin work so you can focus on what is most important. Allie integrates with your email servers to fully access your leads and emails through a series of apis and analytics. With Allie no more emails get lost, or fall through the cracks.

Start using Allie for free!
Sign up and sync an email account.
Allie will start tracking every email that lands in your inbox. You can see these conversations in the dashboard. You can also upgrade to a paid plan access organization, additional analytics, and tooling.
allie workflows
Automate reminders, never miss an never miss an important email again
Allie will actively touch base with the email chain, and will respond automatically. Allie will hone in on conversations that are losing steam, and alert you of emails which fall off your radar.
Next Generation Email Analytics
Access your companies most important data
For Organizations, Allie provides deep analytics on all of your communications. Allie reduces the friction associated with communication. Allie AI helps make sure deals are moving forward, and people are staying on top of their leads firm wide.
Email as a Database
Enterprise solutions to ensure timely action and follow ups
Allie can serve as email management system allowing managers, employees, and other coworks to share and integrate emails natively.

Providing critical tools for doers to
get more done with less effort.

Allie is one part CRM, one part native email assistant, one part proactive executive assistant. Allie manages communications and makes sure that things get done faster, easier, and with less effort on everyone's part.

Reduce Time Waste

Allie saves time by making sure emails are escalated and responses automatically sent out. Never miss an email again!

Organizational Efficiency

With Allie, employees spend up to 30% less time writing emails. Employees can focus on value-add work instead of follow ups.

Increase Sales

Allie works proactively on sales targets, keeping in touch and making sure leads are connected with.

Turing Approved

Allie's ai is driven by learning from real conversations and sales conversations and is written with an identity. Resulting in it seeming like it is coming from a real person.

Accessing Emails through APIs

Allie can connect to your email server and allow your development team to access email through RESTFUL endpoints. This means developers and service provides can access emails in a whole new way.

Powered by AI

Allie works magic in the background. Allie makes sure every email conversation gets the attention it deserves, when it needs it.